Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Us

Parker eating cookie cake at Kimberly's birthday celebration with the fam. This was after the haircut...that he needed as you can see below.

Ok, so maybe he needed a haircut(maybe is not even worth saying...he REALLY needed a haircut), but he is so cute! Just so you know...when you have a child that has hair like my kids you are bound to have a long haired boy every once in a while. He truly needs a haircut every 3 weeks. Who has time for that?!

My beautiful cousin, Stephanie on her wedding day! I flew to Alabama just for this event all by myself(no kids or husband) and to be honest, it was wonderful. Did lots of Christmas shopping with my Mom and got to see a beautiful wedding! And my cousin is one of my best friends...it was worth every thing to be there!

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