Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2010 and yes, these are ALL the pictures I have. Sad, I know.

So, here are my whoppin 5 pictures I took on Christmas day. Ridiculous!!! However, we had the video camera set up while the boys opened their gifts the whole time. AND I videoed with my Flip camera some too. I might add a clip later of that. It is so cute!
On Christmas morning Parker woke up first...and had NO idea that the day was any different then any other. We had told him the night before that he would be able to open presents but still that morning was the same. We waited until Micah woke up to let them open their stockings and presents. It was fun, uneventful really. My parents were there and my mom made us breakfast. It was nice having them here. My parents left after the boys were done opening gifts and went up to my sister's house with breakfast for them. That is when we gave Micah his Step 2 car(I have no pictures of that...just the Flip camera). He LOVED it! He laughed and sat in that thing for forever. And he still loves it. I love it because I can buckle him in it and take him outside and push him around while Parker is playing outside. Micah is at that age that he is ALMOST walking everywhere, but not there yet. So, me holding him outside the whole time doesn't cut it.
Around lunch time Jeremy, Ashley, and the boys came over. There were SO many presents at my house it was crazy! Everybody loved their gifts from Mama Don and Papa. We snacked on dip and cheese ball/crackers until that afternoon. Then we made a Christmas meal late afternoon. It was nice to have Christmas at our house. The part I didn't love about it was that we were leaving the next morning at 4am to go out of town. So, on Christmas Day I didn't feel like I could relax. All I was thinking about was packing for my whole family and being in the car for 13-14 hours the next day. Whew! Maybe next year we will wait to leave 2 days after Christmas rather then the day after.

Tyler and Micah. So sweet! Tyler asks to hold Micah quite often now. I love it when he does. I want my boys to get as much bonding time with their cousins as they can. They are all going to be best friends anyways!

Parker watching his DVD player that Mama Lynn and Papa K bought for them. Ok...HUGE lifesaver for our LONG drive to GA.

Derek's gift to me was a pampered chef baking stone! I LOVED his wrapping. Hilarious! Packing tape, his business card, and "To Lindsey, From Secret Admirer". Perfect! GREAT gift!

Playing with their presents.

Picture of their gifts from the night before. Right after I set them all out. The ATVs were from my parents. Aren't they so cute?

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Random comment... I like the pillow with the branches on it. Very cool. :)