Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Decade

I have been HORRIBLE about taking pictures lately. It is amazing that just by adding one baby to the clan you get so much busier doing things. Honestly, I am so bummed about it. But, that is ok...I will get better. So I was thinking about it today(bc of Rachel Hick's blog) about what has happened to me in the last 10 years since this is the end of a decade. And WOW! A LOT has happened to me...definitely the most important decade so far(since I have only lived a little over 2 1/2 decades I don't have much to choose from..lol). It goes way back:

-I turned the BIG 16 years old and got my license and my first car.
-I graduated from high school.
-I went to Lee University as a 18 year old who had NEVER had a boyfriend. :)
-I met a great guy named Derek Mills the first weekend I was at Lee University.
-I got in DZT.
-I got engaged!
-I graduated from Lee only to get married 2 weeks later to Derek.
-We moved to B'ham, AL. Kind of a culture shock for me considering most of my friends where a few years older then us and made more $ than us.
-We bought our first house.
-We had our first baby boy, Parker.
-We decided that God was leading us to move to Austin, TX to start a moving company and help plant a church. BIG DEAL!
-My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a bi-lateral masectomy, chemo, radiation, BUT is cancer free now!!
-We moved to Austin.
-We had our 2nd baby boy, Micah.

Ok...thats all for now. But, that is a lot!!!! I love that 3 most important people entered my life in that decade. My husband and 2 little boys. God has blessed me so much! Life has been hard at different times but God has never failed us. And He is the reason why I have joy and love the life I live.

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