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Our Crew

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby #3 is going to BE here in December...Yippeeee!!!

Ok, trying to be catchy. ha ha. We found out on Easter morning that we will be expecting baby #3!! We are super excited! We told my family the night of Easter by writing in a casserole "10 N '10" which means my parents will have 10 grandchildren in 2010 ALL under 10yo. Crazy!!! I told a few friends b4 Wednesday night...but Wednesday night we told Derek's parents and his Papa and Mrs. Elaine. It was perfect because we have never been able to tell Derek's parents in person before. They had planned on flying here the Wednesday after Easter for a while. They were really excited! Then we posted it on Facebook/Twitter to let our world of friends know.
I don't have an official due date from the Dr...I won't be going to the Dr until about 9 or 10 weeks probably. But, if the calendars are right online(which they always have been for me) I am due December 12th. As of now I feel great. I am tired and moody. And picky about what I eat. But I am NOT queasy. I read back on my blog when I was pregnant with Micah that I started to feel that way at around 6 weeks. I am still praying to feel great all the way through.
I have tried telling Parker about the baby but he does not get it. He gets that the baby goes in my belly. BUT he keeps asking me if Micah goes in my belly again. ha ha. I just got a new computer so I will upload pictures soon. I have to download Picasa first.


Lauren said...

yay! so excited for you!

jj said...

Congratulations Lindsey and Derek!

Jenn said...