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Our Crew

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Thoughts By Me :)

Hello Bloggy World. I have been gone for quite some time now. :( Sorry! I have a gazillion thoughts that I would like to jot down on my blog today. So, I hope that is ok. They are totally random. Just a warning:

-I have a THREE YEAR OLD!!! Parker turned 3 last Sunday. I cannot believe it. He was gone from Thursday until Sunday(his bday) with his Dad in Georgia. That was a first for all of us. Me sending Parker off without me. Derek taking Parker without me on a long trip. Parker flying(he has flown but he couldn't remember) and he was SO excited and loved it!

-I have a "new" car!!!! We sold our Volkswagon a month ago. We drove one car for a month. Which, in the grand scheme of things is not a big deal. But, thank goodness for our wonderful friend/neighbor who let us borrow her car some and for my family who definitely went out of their way to make sure we had a ride places. Oh yeah, the new car we have is an Expedition. It was Derek's parents car. It is older, but it is in GREAT condition and it is so roomy! It has a 3rd backseat and air vents through out the car which I love! Oh, did I mention that Derek drove it back from Georgia? With Parker in the backseat and it took them almost 20hours!! They didn't stop overnight. They drove it straight! Wow! My hubby is amazing!

-4 days without me and spending almost all of his time with his Mama Lynn and Papa K is WONDERFUL, HOWEVER it is NOT so wonderful when he came home. :( We have been going through toddler bootcamp to whip this boy back into shape. And no I am not talking about working out shape...I am talking about obedience in every way possible. Wow! It is all worth it though.

-While Derek and Parker were gone I got some great one on one time with Micah. And I was able to organize things, put things in the attic, clean the WHOLE house, finish Micah's baby book(AHHH! That is so great to finally be able to say that!), and spend some time with my family. :)

-I got a new laptop! Actually, it is a netbook. But, I love it! It is perfect for me in every way. It didn't cost as much money but has almost all of the same features. The only thing it doesn't have is a CD/DVD drive which I am going to buy(if I can convince my husband that I need it, which I do). My husband got a new laptop too. He got a MAC. Oh, no...are we going to be MAC snobs now?? Well, not me for right now. Maybe one day. But, for now...this cute little netbook is perfect for me.

-Micah has a double ear infection. :( I debated all day on Tuesday whether or not to take him to the Dr. I was almost positive that he had an ear infection. However, there is always that small % of doubt that crosses your mind that I could be wrong. I don't know what changed but I decided that I really thought he had one so we went to the doctor and I was right. For some reason the antibiotic they give Micah does not kick in immediately(like it does for Parker). It takes a few days. So, I have been running on not much sleep at all for the past few days. I am tired. He is tired. But, for the first time in 3 days I think this morning he had a turn around. He acted a lot more like himself. And is taking a nap. Lets pray tonight is lots better!!

-Parker is having a birthday party this weekend. He already had one in Georgia that his Mama Lynn and Papa K gave him(I cannot get over how sweet it was for all of Derek's family to come to this party...cant.get.over.it). This party is special because Parker and his cousin, Gray, are having a joint party. They are only 5 weeks apart in age, they are best buddies, and they live 5 houses away from each other. This is a big deal to them too. Ashley said that Gray kept running in the culdesack in front of their house and Ashley told him that he could get hurt if a car came and he was in the street. And Gray followed that with "And I couldn't go to my party with Parker?" Lol!

-Derek and I have our 5 year anniversary in May. cArazy!!! I can't believe it! It has been SO wonderful! I tell people who are about to get married that it doesn't die down after you get married. Maybe it does for some people. But for us, it has only gotten better. I love being married to my wonderful husband! And I am happy to celebrate 5 years with him.

Ok, thats all that has been going on with us. I will post pictures probably next week after Parker's party. Hopefully I will have some good ones. If you made it to the end of this blog. Thats awesome!! :) Thanks for reading!

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