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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clumsy...or just bad luck?

All I can say is "Really? Wow? Ugh!!!"

I am blogging about nothing to do with my boys(for the most part). Today, I am blogging about my clumsiness. That I don't often deal with. I don't even consider myself clumsy. However, the last 2 days you would probably say differently. What is up with me?!?!?! Here is the story:
It all started yesterday morning. My sister, her two boys, me and my two boys decided to go to the mall. They were riding with us and I had given her a time I would come pick her up. Well, of course, I was running behind. Big SHOCKER(being sarcastic)! I tried my very best not to run behind. I was actually doing great on time until I decided to throw dinner in the crock pot. I thought the recipe would be easy, however it was a lot of measuring. I needed minced garlic, which I didn't have, so I minced fresh garlic. I have one of those chopper things specifically for mincing garlic. For some reason, I was chopping away(the clock was ticking at this point) and I decided to pick up the chopper. The minute I did that the bottom fell out and so did all of the gooey, chopped garlic. ALL OVER MY KITCHEN FLOOR! On top of the fact that my boys were playing in the kitchen taking all of my pans out and bringing all of their tools in there to somehow combine the two and do who knows what with. At this point I am frustrated, stressed, and getting snappy with Parker. Ok, so we survived and were a few minutes behind. Oh well, let's fast forward.
My sister-in-law meets us at the mall and all three of us split up with plans to meet back together later. The boys and I are walking somewhere and I decide to take the escalator down to the bottom floor with the Joovy(not a single stroller). Parker loves the escalator so I told him to go in front. Micah was in the stroller. I knew the minute I stepped on the escalator I was in trouble. The stroller was leaning forward and I was having a hard time keeping it level. We got to the bottom and I can't get this huge stroller over the hump at the end of the escalator. I am starting to freak a bit. Within seconds I had fallen on my butt with my back smashed against the see thru side of the escalator(oh what a pretty sight that was) My ankle is twisting because the escalator is still going and I can NOT get my stroller to move!!!!! A guy at some random kiosk sees me and starts coming over(a little too slow) to help me. I am sweating, totally embarrassed, but finally get the stroller to move and get up. I definitely made that guys whole week! If I was him, I would have told everyone I knew. I was laughing too, but more like "I cannot believe I was just that person...oh my word" nervous laugh. Surprisingly, there was no one around in the mall and either people felt so bad for me they didn't stare or I really don't think anyone else saw me. I still cannot believe that happened to me. Ugh!
Fast forward to today at about 7am this morning. On Wednesdays I get up really early and go grocery shopping. Derek has a networking meeting at 9 so I am able to go without the kids. It is well worth getting up early for. It is a little wet outside/drizzling and I just threw on something to wear. My mistake is that I threw on Old Navy flip flops which are the WORST in rainy weather. I cannot tell you how many times I have fallen in those stupid flip flops. Of course on my way into Walmart I was praying I would not fall. It is still dark outside. There is hardly NO ONE there. But, of course, the minute I walk through the entrance where 3 people are chatting I slip. I didn't fall, but it was one of those "Oooo...Ohh!" slips where everyone reacts. This is getting really old. Later on I go with my sister to Sam's Club. We are loading all the kids in the van and I drop the big drink I had just purchased that spilled all over the bottom of my jeans and I even had a puddle of Sprite in the cuff of my jeans.
The last straw for me is when I got home. Parker was drinking that same sprite at our kitchen counter. I take it from him and when I do, I drop it AGAIN. On the floor where the hardwood floors meet the carpet. Somehow, a whole punches through it and Sprite is gushing out. I cannot believe it. At this point. I was thinking "I have to blog about this". Do any of you have days like this? What in the world? And the thing is, it can't frazzle me, because I have two little guys I have to take care of. I can't just shut down. I have to keep going regardless if I fall a million times or if I spill things on me all day. I can't cry about it. Kids will definitely bring great things to to your life like realizing things are not a big deal, and even if they are...you keep going. :)
Sorry this is soooo long!!!

Just to say something about my boys since this blog is about them. This little guy has not had a morning nap the last two days(he is still taking them but we have been gone) and he has been SO good. I cannot believe it! I am so impressed with him. He hardly makes a peep.


Stephanie said...

This whole story is hilarious! And yes, I have days like this more often than I'd like to admit :) Only, minus the kids.

Kristy said...

I really need a good laugh today so thank you for that:o) And yes, I have had plenty of days like that as well. Those are better than losing patience and yelling at your kids for things that were not worth yelling for. I had one of those days and always end up regretting it. So thank you for the words of wisdom at the end of your blog.

Jackie Lura said...

clumsy... bad luck... or just pregnant!