Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, May 3, 2010

WAY Behind...Where to start??

I haven't blogged in a while and a lot has happened in April. So, I am going to try to start from the beginning of April(late March) and hopefully by the end of this week I will top off all of this bloggy craziness with a big bang...Parker and Gray's 3rd Bday party! :) Here are some pics of randomness around the house. Hanging out with my sweet sweet boys who I LOVE so much!!

This is how "P" is dressed most days around our house if we aren't going anywhere. Yes, my boys are still wearing their Christmas pjs. I love them...they are comfy, and so cute. P's eyes are swollen in most of these pics. He had HORRIBLE allergies where his eyes were almost swollen shut some of the time. He is now on Singulair. And has been feeling MUCH better! Thank the Lord!

Sweet "M" just eating a snack. Ahhh...that boy is C-U-T-E!

I LOVE this picture. Except if you zoom in M's eyes are closed. :( The flowers on both sides of the boys are so pretty. I cannot believe how pretty they have stayed. I hope I can keep them up...considering today I came home and they were wilted. The heat is getting to them. I gotta water them more!!

I had to ask P to put his arm around M. Love matching outfits. Won't be able to do this for too much longer.

Just eating a snack outside in this beautiful weather. M does so good with sitting at this table. He is a very messy eater. I thought this was a good idea bc I didn't have to clean up the mess. Well, I was wrong. I found that out when I came outside later and there was a line of ants all the way up to the leftover food on the floor. Oops.

Melts my heart. :)

Matching outfits again. On our way to the Easter Egg Hunt. P insisted on holding M. :) My camera died right after this pic. So that is all I got.

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