Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dreaming of Bows, Dolls, Pink, & Purple

What does that title mean? If you read in my previous post I was going to the Dr. this week to find out for sure this baby in belly is a girl. And it is!!! I am very happy about that simply because I already bought her quite a few things. Oops. ha. I thought I was having a girl and I believed the sonogram tech would have given me a 100% sure answer at 12 weeks but she is not the Dr. and probably couldn't. However, even though I REALLY thought this baby was(is) a girl every time I purchased something I got a tad nervous. ha. ha. Thinking my husband is going to kill me if this baby is not a girl. I waited forever at the Drs. office but luckily I didn't have my kids. The nurse did the ultra sound first and said it was girl and then Dr. Seeker came in excited as ever when he saw that it is a girl. He threw his arms in the air and said "You can say now that we are 100% confident that this baby is a girl!" Lol! He is so sweet! Now I think about it all of the time. That I am having a girl! This is so wonderful and perfect! I have 2 amazing, handsome, hilarious, sweet little boys that I would not trade for anything...and now we are just going to add a sweet little princess to this crew. I know she will love her brothers so much and they will love her so much too. Not too sure Daddy knows what to expect with a little girl...but I know he will be smitten. He is excited! I loved how Dr. Seeker was showing me her face, and her belly and he was calling her "pretty". Alright, now it is time to soak in loving my sweet boys...and of course my wonderful husband.
This random but as of yesterday my 18mo little boy is sleeping in a big boy bed in his brother's room. Well, now it is Parker and Micah's room. We put his twin bed up yesterday and moved their room around. But did not anticipate putting Micah in there yet. We decided to just try it out last night and for the most part he did great. Took a while to get to sleep. He was talking and standing in the bed. But after he fell asleep he was out until 7:30am. He napped in their today once w/out Parker and the other time while Parker napped. It is kinda weird though because now Micah's room is "empty". All his furniture is in there but nothing else. :( Not his clothes or him. And no one will be in there until Ann Marie gets here. Kinda sad....my baby is growing up!
No pictures here. Thats all folks! But it is BIG news!

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Lauren said...

we found out at 20 weeks (now i am almost 34)...everything is pink and i still have freak out moments where i wonder what the heck i will do if our little girl comes out a boy! haha!