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Our Crew

Monday, August 23, 2010

Question for Other Mama's

I have a question for all of you Mama's out there who deal with the same family dynamics I will soon have.

I have had it heavy on my heart lately that I do NOT want to leave my 2nd born son, Micah, out in any way especially when Ann Marie comes in to the picture. Those of you who don't know. I have 2 sons and soon a baby girl. So many things about Micah are so much easier then Parker was. Even though Parker was a great baby...Micah is so great and easy too. We are very blessed. But what happens is because Micah is so easy he just doesn't have to be heard. You know...and his brother, the 3yo, does. I am worried because I have to buy new clothes for Parker simply because he is my first. I will have to buy clothes for Ann Marie because she is my first girl. And then there is sweet Micah. He will always get his brothers "Pass me downs". I absolutely do not want Parker to get attention because he is the oldest, and Ann Marie to get attention because she is the only girl(that might change one day) and then Micah to feel left out. Even now, I catch myself trying so hard to not overlook him. I try to love on him extra hard because I don't want him to feel this way. I love this boy sooooo much...I almost tear up...I can't describe the love I have him. The same way I feel about Parker. It would break my heart if he ever felt something different from Derek and I.

So, my questions is: if you are a Mom of two(or all) of the same gender children in a row how do you handle it?
And if you are someone who happened to be the one in the family who falls under this category how did your parents handle it?

I want to be so loving and fair to all of my children. I do realize that children's perspectives are off sometimes and sometimes...they are going to feel left out...no matter what. But, I want to be able know with everything in me that we do not do that.

Oh my word. I could eat this boy up! :)

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