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Saturday, August 21, 2010

What happens when...

You move your 18mo into a big boy bed & into the room with his brother? A lot. Ha ha.
So, the biggest transition we have gone through lately is moving Micah into Parker's room. They both now sleep in twin beds and I really do like their room...considering we live in a rental home(I would do more if we owned this house). The transition has been fairly easy. However...there are still things we are having to figure out at the time being. So...here are some bullet points about my kids and this transition.

My 3yo:
-He understands to be quiet and not wake Micah.
-He understands to get in his bed and not get down. Don't play.
-He is now having go to bed a bit later then Micah or go to sleep in our room until Micah gets used to Parker being in there.
-He has decided to wake his brother up EARLY the last two mornings. At first I was fooled and it didn't even cross my mind that he woke up his brother. Until this morning. Grrrr....
-He can sleep through Micah waking up(which hasn't happened much).
-He loves Micah sleeping in his room. He now calls it "our room" and calls the nursery Ann Marie's room. Sweet.

My 18mo:
-If Parker is in the room he will play, play, and play for an hour and half before going to sleep...even when Parker does not participate(reason why we decided to not put them to bed together...just until Micah gets used to it.)
-He didn't discover he could get out of the bed for a week. That was nice while it lasted.
-Doesn't matter what time it is...even if it is dark. If he is wide awake he will crawl into his brothers bed and play.
-He is sleeping better in his big boy bed then his crib.
-He naps GREAT in there.
-He loves his bed.
-He loves being in the room with his brother.

So...even though we are having to tweak things temporarily, our boys are doing really good with the transition. Even though at 6:00 this morning I was talking with God about wanting this to get better...I believe God reminded me how it is good that we are doing this now and not when I am 9mo pregnant or when Ann Marie gets here. So far...Micah has done a great job with transitions. Right now, his age is busy, busy, and more busy. He is into everything. He doesn't pitch fits hardly at all...I have seem him pitch just a few in his 18mo of life. I am very grateful for that. He is very consistent with his moods which I am so thankful for. He is so darn cute and I love him to pieces. Oh yeah...he LOVES his ride on toys. Which cracks me up. He rides his fire truck all over the house and thinks it is his. IF anyone else is on it he is not happy. Parker didn't care much for ride on toys. It is so cute seeing him throw his feet forward to get himself going. ha.

Parker is growing and understanding things more and more. I love it. Honestly, it is getting much easier with him. Not that it has been horribly hard or anything. But he will go get diapers and wipes for me. He told me that Micah's diaper was full the other day. ha ha. I can take him anywhere and he is really good. As long as that boy has plenty of sleep he is good. We are getting over whining so much(thank the Lord!). And doing better with pottying(after almost a year and a half!!!). We are talking about putting him in preschool but not sure when. Maybe Jan. but probably not until next Sept. He is very lovie and snuggily with Derek and I but not so much anyone else. When his cousins or friends try to hug him he is not all about it. ha. He knows the difference between his right and left and is learning to recognize his letters(I just haven't put much emphasis on this one). I think he is so smart and so sweet to his brother. He talks about Ann Marie like she is here. He knows she is in my belly. But he says "Mom, are you buying those for Ann Marie?" "Mom, look at Ann Marie's room!" I think he is going to love her so much and be a huge help.

Speaking of Ann Marie. She is doing good. She is moving all day but not kicking me nearly as much as my boys did. Derek hasn't even felt her yet. By this point he had felt the boys. I am about to be 19 weeks pregnant and you can't even tell I am pregnant! I just look fat! I have to tell people I am pregnant and that I am having a girl. This is so different for me. With the boys you could definitely tell I was pregnant by this point. I, honestly, am not happy with the way I look. But what I can do? Nothing at this point. Acid reflux has definitely kicked in. Yuck. I go for my 20 week appt. in 2 weeks. I am half way there! But...feel like I still have forever before she will get here. Yesterday and the day before I had waves of nausea! ugh! Crazy how different pregnancies can be. Oh...one more thing..I made her 3 bows last week. The first time I have made bows. They are super cute and I only hope to get better at it. Hopefully it will save me money.

Here are some pictures. I haven't been camera happy lately. Sorry. But here are my cute boys!

Messes do not bother him at all. Yummm...Chocolate pancakes!

He LOVES balls!! If you look closely you can see his toe coming out of his footy pjs. Probably time toss these.

Parker in action. My kids think it is so fun to jump off the short wall behind our couch onto our couch. Yes, they have gotten hurt. And yes, it is kinda dangerous. But they love it and they are boys. Boys will be boys.

Trying to get up there with Park.

Don't you love his get up? He will dress up a gazillion times a day. He liked me taking pictures of him in this. ha ha.

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