Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aunt Lindsey got married!!! :)

Derek's sister, Lindsey Mills(yes...that was her name...needless to say we have lots of the same friend requests bc people think we are the other one) got married at the end of May. Derek, me, and Parker were all in the wedding. It was a great weekend! My kids did amazing! All of them were up super late two nights in a row and they did so good. The wedding was seriously so beautiful! It was at Matt's parents house. They did a great job of getting their house/land ready for the grand event. I wish I had pictures of the reception. It was behind the house around the pool. It was so cool! We were able to show off Ann Marie(Only Derek's parents and 1 set of grandparents had met her). We had a blast! We Love Matt, Lindsey's husband. They have been together(for the most part...ha) since Lindsey was 16. My boys love Uncle Matt too! *On vacation Matt kept getting Micah to say "I love Uncle Matt!" It was so cute!*

Lindsey and Matt, if you are reading this your nephews and niece are ready for some cousins to play with over there. So, get on it! ;)

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