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Our Crew

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Updates on Rhi Rhi

Not sure if I mentioned it on here but we call Ann Marie "Rhi Rhi". I was calling her Rhi Rhi SO much that I had to start reminding myself to call her by her real name or else she will never know that it is not Rhi Rhi. Ha! I took Rhi Rhi in for her 6 month check up(well, it was more like 6 1/2mo). She was in 70% for her weight and 25% for her height. Which cracks me up. Most still think she is small though. She is sitting up so good now. She knows that we are eating now. If you had kids before there comes a time where your babies realize you are eating. So, tonight I had already fed her baby food and she was watching us eat and she kept making her baby noise to let me know she wanted something. Finally Parker said "Mom, Ann Marie wants to eat some more baby food!" lol. It was so funny! I think he was annoyed. She has zero teeth. At one point I thought she might be getting some. Now, I feel like we are no where near it. Parker and Micah didn't get teeth until 7mo(P) and 8 or 9mo(M). One of our good friends 3 1/2mo just popped out two teeth! Its crazy!!!

Ann Marie is so good, and just as sweet as ever. I am serious. She goes with the flow and pretty much is happy no matter what we are doing. She is definitely chill and I know what she likes(which helps when we are out). God gave us the most wonderful baby girl ever! We are so blessed!

Here are some pics of her. I love dressing her up! I LOVE putting bows in her hair. BIG bows. Even if I am dressed in yoga pants, tshirt, no make up...she will be in something cute with her hair pulled up in a rubberband and bow...no-matter-what.

These were my baby dolls when I was little. I cleaned them up, washed their clothes...and now they are Ann Marie's. :) I LOVED baby dolls when I was little. I hope she does too.

Ok, yes I did do this. Ann Marie needed to be fed her baby food, and I was desperate(and driving). So, I gave the spoon to my 4 year old and coached him thru feeding her. He was hilarious. I told him not to drop any on her(he was using a Boon Spoon where you squeeze the baby food out..not one where her scoops the food from the jar) and right off the bat he is like "uh oh, I dropped some. Oh no! It is on her lovie. Oh, its ok. Aww Man! She is getting it all over. Now it is on me!" LOL! I had to take a picture of what she looked like after only 4 bites. Needless to say I fed her. And he was upset because he wanted to feed her. I have decided I am going to teach him how to do it. ha!

Waiting at her 6mo check up.

Funny face...but she looked so cute! :)

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