Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, September 14, 2007

Naked Boy!

Parker has had a rash for the last two weeks and I have tried everything to get it to go away. So, I had to take him to the doctor. The doctor prescribed him some cream and also gave me some advice to help it go away. His advice is to let him go without a diaper on as much as I can. Well, isn't that easy for him to say considering it is not his child who will be naked and possibly(no, not possibly, DEFINITELY) will be going to the bathroom where ever you lay him! These pictures are of Parker on his belly, but in order to really air the rash out he has to lay on his back. Which means pee could land anywhere!! So, if you are wondering why he has towels all around him. That is why!

Oh...and he is definitely all boy. He LOVES hanging out naked. What boy/man doesn't? ha ha! He is sooo cute naked though!


Jenn said...


Parker's expression in the first pic is so cute... and mischevious! He's getting so handsome! Hope you and the fam are able to make it for Homecoming!

Amanda said...

So cute!

(Lydia has had some bad rashes, if you still need something, you might want to try California Baby's Diaper Area Wash and their Calendula (sp) Cream. It's the best!)

Papa K & Mama Lynn said...

I love this picture! It brings back memories of when Derek was small, we had to do the same thing when he had a rash. Hugs & kisses from Georgia.