Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

These are a few of my Favorite things.....

Here is Parker in his bouncy swing. He loves it! We just opened it up a few days ago. We hang it in the doorway to our screened in deck. It is nice and cool in the mornings or early evenings. That is when he gets to hang out in it. I enjoy it too. It is nice feeling the cool air come in. :)

This is a funny picture to me. We have just started getting busier and having to be out longer. So, I have started pumping so that Parker can have a bottle while we are out. You would think that would be easy, right? Yah...it's not. He doesn't care for the bottle too much. In order to get him to take the bottle Derek has had to give him one every night for his last feeding. Sometimes Derek entertains him while he is eating. As you can see Parker enjoys putting his fingers in Derek's mouth. It is so funny!! Anyways, so far it has only been two nights that Derek has given it to him and he is doing sooo much better already! PTL! Derek has so much patience! I am so happy he is my husband and Parker's dad.

Parker fell asleep in the car and we had to get a picture of it because look at his hand! He fell asleep while holding on to his rings!

This is the bib Derek put on Parker while feeding him cereal. Ha ha! First of all, it is a Christmas bib. Second of all it is for a toddler!!!! And of course, Parker didn't mind a bit.

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Amanda said...

He is so cute! And continually freaks me out how much he looks like Derek!

And oh, the pumping. That was so not worth it to me! Looks like Parker is getting it better than Lydia did! Good for him!