Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthday Party #2!

Here is Parker's birthday party with my family. We had a great time!! Although, I will have to say, when you are the one throwing the party for your child it is exhausting. SO FUN! But exhausting! Since we don't know many people here and since my family is so big we decided to have a family party. We were all there including my mom and dad(which was great!). We grilled out hamburgers and had french fries and cole slaw. For those of you who don't know, my husband is a great cook. I know...how hard is it to cook a hamburger...but he cooks for my family a lot. I thank God for him because I would have been so stressed if I had to cook everything else plus wrap presents, decorate, put together goodie bags, and bake. Anyways, Parker was blessed with some great presents which he loves. And he had a great time!! Enjoy the pics. Oh yeah...the theme was bouncy balls.

Cupcakes and goodie bags



Mama Don and Parker

Mom and Parker...I love this picture. Cupcakes everywhere! :)

Parker playing

"Gray Gray"

Little Lawson...AKA LawDawg

Here is the story behind this picture. Parker has become very fond of this bouncy seat. I think my child is a gymnast because he climbs in, out, on top, etc. this thing all the time. It is hilarious! I am amazed how he twists his body just to get out of it. Once again, he was playing in the bouncy but this time he was laying in it the way a little baby would lay it and he was playing with the toys the way it was meant to be played with. He was cracking me up. I had to take a picture. Of course when he saw me, he started smiling. So funny!

Oh my! He is so handsome!

Lighting the candle...

Singing "Happy Birthday"


Diggin In...well kinda...

Still diggin in...

Almost done...

Mama's kisses right in the middle of enjoying his cupcake... ;)

Took him forever...but I think he is finally done(well...because everyone else was waiting on him to open presents. So, he kind of had to be done)

The whole fam minus mom, dad, and Gray.

Playing with his new truck from Mama Don and Papa.

The boys loved their goodie bags! They had about 4 balls in there, bubbles, and candy.

We all partied hard and now we are pooped! We put Parker in his carseat while we loaded the car and he fell alseep almost immediatley.

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oh amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Parker! He's too too cute.

We love and miss you all!