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Our Crew

Friday, January 2, 2009

Things Forgotten

Hey! So, I meant to blog about this yesterday...but after blogging for FOREVER(it seemed like) it slipped my mind. Here it goes, I start going to the doctor for weekly checkups in a week. I will be 35 weeks pregnant on Saturday...so I am almost there!! Woo Hoo! I love feeling this baby so very much..but I am very ready for him to come out when it is time. I am just there...clothes don't fit anymore, I constantly feel a breeze at the bottom of my belly because I am HUGE, my face and arms are big, I am uncomfortable, and emotionally and physically more tired. Not to mention the "fun" things that come along with being pregnant that happens to your body(I will leave out details). On the postitive side...he moves tons now to the point it is like an alien is in my belly...and it is just sweet. The closer it gets the more Derek and I wonder what he will look like and dream of holding a sweet newborn again. And of having two precious little boys.
On a different note...we are moving by Jan. 20th at the latest. If the person who lives in the house now will move out earlier we can move in earlier. Which is what Derek and I want soooo bad!!!It would relieve stress off of us trying to hurry out of the place we live now. And it wouldn't be as close to my due date. The house we are renting is actually located on the same street as my sister's house. Not sure how she feels about that(ha ha..j/k) but we are so happy!! We LOVE this house. It is plenty big enough for us and guest AND we already know all the neighbors. God really blessed us and gave us favor with this house. And yes, it is official...we signed the lease. We are renting again...but we are completely at peace with that. We will be there for a year and half and then hopefully we will buy a house here.
As for the SquareCow Moovers...our business...it is doing GREAT! Right now should be slow season for moving companies. Well...December was their best month so far! They are about to move offices to have more space and hopefully purchase another truck soon. They are about to do two estimates for moves to San Diego, California...they have already moved people to/from Chicago, Colorado, Florida, N. Carolina, etc. God has been wonderful to SquareCow and given our business lots of favor. We are looking forward to 2009.

Alright...this has turned into 2008 update!! Hope you actually made it this far on reading. Ha!! Happy New Year!!


Jenifer said...

Hey girl, I am 32 weeks pregnant on monday and I am soooo ready to be through with this pregnancy! I am jealous that you are a few weeks ahead of me, you look great! Good luck with the move and take it easy!

KelleyGreen said...

I'm so happy for you guys! You'll be moving someone from B'ham before you know it :)