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Our Crew

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

36 week update

Hello All!

I just got back from my 36 week doctor's appointment. Yay! I have been looking forward to this appointment all week. I was ready for it because I knew I would leave finding out whether or not I am dilated and also we got to see Micah one last time before we see him face to face. Plus, Derek was able to go with me which was wonderful and such a treat that doesn't happen often.
So, for the news...I AM dilated! Only half a centimeter BUT I am just so happy that I have progressed. I was dilated with Parker this early on also. Also, Dr. Seeker said that Micah is really low! He said I am not on my way to an early labor/delivery but I am definitely progressing at the right pace. That makes me happy. I really would have been disapointed if I had done nothing. I am not expecting to go into labor early(although I would love it)...but if I have progressed to Dr. Seeker's standards by my 39th week I can be induced then. That is the real reason I wanted to be dilated. We didn't really see much of Micah because he is so squished in there. Their estimation of his weight is 6lbs. 11oz. Dr. Seeker said by doing the math on how much he is supposed to gain by 40 weeks he should weigh 8lbs. 3oz. And I probably will have him before 40 weeks. Parker weighed 8lbs. 7oz. So...I know I can deliver an 8 pounder.
Derek and I were talking about how much we love Dr. Seeker and his doctor's office(nurses, etc.). He is just so nice and is like a dad! We are blessed to have him as my doctor. Now I am praying that he is the one who delivers Micah. I think he will be. I haven't had to do any rotations to other doctors.
Another update...we are moving this week!! Kimberly and Wade are moving also...actually as I am typing. We are hopefully moving on Sat. but no later than Sunday. I am so happy and SO ready to get this behind me.
Thats all folks! Long...detailed...but I am excited! My next doctors appointment is Monday. Maybe this move will make me dilate more!


Lauren said...

i will be praying for you with your move and the delivery!! welcome to the world baby micah!!!

Abigail said...

Yay! It's getting so close! Please make sure I get a text or something... from Derek prob, not you. :o) You'll be a little busy...