Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Part 4!!!!

Oh my...I know I have a lot of Christmas photos! Derek's family came into town on Sat. after Christmas. And boy was it like Santa Clause is coming to town...instead it was the Mills! Keep in mind...Parker is the ONLY grandchild, ONLY great grandchild. He is S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!!! We had planned on doing Christmas the night they got there, but unfortunately Parker got sick with a bad cough, runny nose, and a rash. We put him down early and Derek and I opened our gifts...which included money, good stocking stuffers, and a webcam(if any of you have a webcam let me know...we can chat!). We did Christmas for Parker the next morning and it was so fun because he had everyone's individual attention and lots of gifts. He would open up a gift and say "looook!" and then want to play with it. The problem is that he had fifty other gifts to open. Here are some pictures of the day.

Watch out! Here comes the Police!!! This is Parker's big gift from Papa K and Mama Lynn...he loves it! As of right now, he only can go backwards. It is so cute..it has sirens and a walky talky. We got to get out there and play with it more. But, he has been sick...so that hasn't been much of an option.

Here is Parker in his new Georgia Bulldogs football jersey from Aunt Paula and Uncle Glen. We love it!

Opening more presents from Papa. Check out his scarf!!! Ha ha!

This juice box was a hit and still is! You can use it after the apple juice is gone and Parker loves it. It is spill proof and when I say spill proof I mean it! I love it too!

This gift is actually one from my parents. I think this might be one of his favorites! He is so funny when he plays it. I even bought him picks(sp?) to go with it. My little musician.

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