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Our Crew

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day and Micah's dedication May 10th, 2009

On Mother's Day my sweet little Micah was dedicated to the Lord at our church Free Chapel Austin. I honestly wish I could say that I remember every word our pastor(my brother in law, Jeremy Self) said, but I DON'T! BECAUSE let me just tell you, it is different when you are holding a 2yo on stage...trying your best to get him to not say anything or try to get down. Here is what Parker said to me the whole time, "I wanna get down. Guitar, drums, guitar. I wanna get down." Wow! I am seriously considering the next time we dedicate a baby only having me, Derek, and that baby on stage. The other kiddos can be in their class/nursery. I think they will be happier and so will we.
Either way, it so refreshing knowing that Micah is not in our hands. He is in the hands of our heavenly Father who can do a much better job on protecting him, caring for him, meeting his needs, and loving on him than Derek and I could ever do. Thank you Lord for sending Your son to die for my boys and us!!
Mother's Day was a little stressful at first. Derek has to be at the church around 7. So, it is up to me to get the boys dress, fed, and at church on time. It is always a little chaotic on Sunday mornings around here. And my house is always left in a mess. I also have to load up the boys by myself(well, my good friend Paige ALWAYS helps me...which is SO wonderful!) and get them home undressed and ready to eat and for nap time. That's ok though...we do it because we want to help Free Chapel and it is our ministry. Derek and I cleaned house when the boys were napping(Derek tried to get me to nap while he cleaned, but I wanted to clean), then we headed to eat at The Oasis for dinner with my whole family. The Oasis is on the lake and has a gorgeous view. We then headed to Shakes for dessert, which was wonderful. I LOVE LOVE being a mom, but I have to say that my favorite part of the day was when the boys were bathed and in their beds. And Derek gave me my gift. He gave me money(well thought out gift because he knows what I need it for) and two VERY meaningful and sweet cards(one from him and one from the boys). All in all it was a good day. But, I think Mother's Day should be once a week. Ha ha!! Because it is DEFINITELY a 24/7 job. And having appreciation once a year doesn't cut it. ;) Just kidding!!!

LOVE that smile. He always opens his mouth so big to smile at me.

My nephews Lawson and Tyler

Parker wore this same outfit at his dedication. It has airplanes on the collar. So sweet!

Happy Mother's Day to me!! My two favorite little boys in the WHOLE WORLD!


Stephanie said...

What in the world. Why did these pictures make me emotional?! Ha ha. I am not even a mom! Micah and Parker are so stinkin cute. I especially love Micah's little fo-hawk. Precious.


joy said...

Hey Lindsey! Sweet post. Micah is SO precious with that big grin!! Hope you guys are doing well. Let's talk soon!