Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playing together FOREVER

Micah has started to look at Parker and watch what he is doing(Especially while he is nursing...which drives me bonkers bc it makes the process way longer). Today he was just looking right at Parker and smiling so big! SO SWEET! Here are some pictures of them playing together. Parker, also, loves to think Micah will play with him. He says "Micah, hold this!", "Micah! Want it!?".
In one of these pictures I was trying to get Micah's attention. I was snapping my fingers and whistling. Parker was cracking me up because he started to do the same thing. Well, almost...he rubbed his fingers together to try to snap and he tried whistling...all while yelling "MICAH!".

Parker giving Micah all his toys. Can't you tell, look at that pile of random toys in front of Micah.

See that brush in Parker's hand? Yeah...Parker was brushing Micah's hair...Micah didn't care for it too much. Here is interesting info. for you. I have never been able to use those baby brushes. My boys hair is too think from the beginning. I have to use a comb OR buy a real brush for them. Crazy huh?!

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