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Our Crew

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Stinkpot

Micah is my little Stinkpot. I don't call him that all of the time...but sometimes I do. He is a stinker. One darn cute stinker though. :) Here are some pictures of this sweet baby boy. He is about to be 14 months old and I can't believe it!! He is so sweet and funny. He only says two words "Uh Oh" and "Daddy". Which I am ok with. I cannot remember when Parker was saying words(bad mom right?) but I do know that the pediatrician said that the 2nd child doesn't talk as early as the 1st. No worries there. Micah is a CLIMBER! I remember seeing my nephew, Gray, climb into/onto everything. I don't think Micah climbs as much as Gray did BUT he climbs way more then Parker did. He climbs into things and then can't get out/down and whines until I come get him. Ugh! ;) I love this boy so much! The other day my boys and I were walking home from Ashley's house. Parker was riding his plasma car and Micah was in a different car that I was pushing. I was thinking how much I love having my boys. They are so sweet to me, fun, love to play outside...and entertain themselves pretty well. I want a girl SO BAD one day. We probably want 4 kids. But, in that moment I realized that I will be happy with all boys if that is what God wants for us. It was a good moment. A God moment...even though maybe one day it will be me with 2 boys and a decked out in pink girl. :) ha ha.

I have a high chair at the table for Micah but recently I put this little high chair on our bar stool so that Micah and Parker can sit here while I am doing things in the kitchen or eating their snack. I love having them right there. It makes it so much easier for me. This particular day Parker was still asleep. Micah was sitting there so sweet and eating his breakfast. I couldn't help but snap a shot of him being him.

Yeah, here is one of things he climbs into and can't get out of. This big Tonka truck. It isn't dangerous or anything for him to be in it, but he gets stuck. This is him asking for me to get him out.

And here he is waving at me. :)He waves when we say "Hey" or "bye" or even when some random car drives by. ha ha.

Ok, so I obviously have more then one child. With Parker I was so aware when it was time for him to transition into new things. One day I walked into the kitchen and apparently left Micah's plate too close to him. When I walked around the corner he was feeding himself. ha ha! I had no idea he was ready for that. Yesterday I did it again and this time it was with yogurt! What a mess! But he REFUSED to let me feed him. He is growing up!

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