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Our Crew

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Naps are Fading Away....

I am so sad to be saying that statement. Well, not really...but sorta. Micah's morning naps have been slowly getting shorter and shorter. It was like one day I was waking him up after 2 hours of napping and then next he was only sleeping an hour! I called my sister for a quick reminder that this does happen at his age. Parker dropped his morning nap at 16 months. I love my sweet Micah but I also love my time in the mornings to let Parker watch Playhouse Disney and I get things done. His naps are about 45min-1hr. I guess I better get used to it. Because soon enough he won't even be napping in the mornings anymore.
Naps are not just fading for Micah. But Parker's afternoon naps are getting shorter too!!!! I mean, I do realize he will be 3 in one month but STILL I LOVE having a good 2 hours in the afternoon with complete peace and quiet. Parker still takes about 1hr 1/2 nap. My sister has taught me this concept called "rest time". It is awesome. When her boys get out of the nap taking phase she makes them go into the play room and have rest time. They cannot come out for 2 hours. They can watch a movie or just read...they do not have to go to sleep but they have to be quiet and rest. Her boys STILL do this in the summers and her oldest is 9. It just gives her some time to chill out and collect her thoughts because we all know that the worst part of the day is sneaking up. Well, that is the worst part of the day for my boys.

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Kristy said...

Ella very rarely takes a nap anymore. We started using the "rest time" with her and it works great. We make her lay in her bed for 30-45 min. and then I will get something out from her closet to play with while I get things done. It has worked out well for us. As she gets older though and doesn't nap at all, I will definitely do the rest time in the room. I don't think it matters how old they are:o)