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Our Crew

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ann Marie's Room & Garage Sale Finds

My Mom is my decorator. Did any of you know that? She is the one who comes over any time I need to hang something, re decorate something, or paint something. She.Is.Martha.Stewart. Not literally, but she is. And she is my Mom. :) Which makes me happy. I have been telling her that AM's nursery was starting to get on my nerves. It was "done" not but not really. Things had to be hung and decorated. I still don't have any of her clothes washed. They are organized. I will wash them. When it gets closer. I still have 12 weeks left. I have also been telling my Mom that I wanted some new accessories. I wanted to change what was over my mantel and we just brought my coffee table back into our living room. It need decor BAD. Today, I scored, BIG TIME at a garage sale in our neighborhood. I heart garage sales. If you live in B'ham and not garage selling on Saturdays you are missing out. FYI: Mountain Brook has the best garage sales ever! My parents used to go every Saturday just for fun. I love it. They don't have garage sales that good here. A few here and there. Either way...here is AM's nursery and my great findings.

The frame was given to my Mom from a client. The changing table/dresser was given to us by a client of my husbands.

GARAGE SALE! I bought this awesome hanging shelve today at the garage sale for a whoppin $10!! I LOVE it! The knobs are painted pink and green. My Mom hung hooks at the bottom so we could hang her pretty smocked dresses. The doll was my collectible doll when I was little. A long with a gazillion more that I have in the attic. The shelf and drawers will be used for her bows. You know what I love most about this piece? It could go anywhere in my house. And be of good use.

The crib was given to us by the same client of my husbands. My Mom bought the custom made bedding from a garage sale in Mountain Brook for $75!!! And I bought the framed letters from Hobby Lobby for half off. We just changed the ribbon out on them. My Mom and sister found the ribbon for me. It is perfect, bright and colorful. Exactly what I needed for her room. We rent this house so we aren't going to paint her room. So anything that brings color in is a plus.

Angle from her door. The armoire is from Micah's nursery. My husband bought this off of craigslist for $35.

GARAGE SALE FIND! Bought this jar for $5. It is great to sit on my coffee table...and that is all I have on it. Lets be real, having kids prevents you from sitting much on the coffee table.

GARAGE SALE FIND! Bought this window with the mirror in it today for $3. The brown doors behind it are from my china cabinet. Pretty cool, huh?

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