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Our Crew

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh Baby Girl

Here is a picture of our sweet baby girl. I haven't updated on her in a while. Well..maybe it is because I have two sweet, active boys I chase around all day..but I don't feel like there is much to update on. Besides the fact that she seems pretty calm in the womb. :) She is not nearly as active as her brothers were in there. As I type she is "moving like crazy" compared to how she normally is. She does seem to move the most at night and then if I wake up in the middle of the night(and she gets woken up) she REALLY starts to move. My last appointment was a 24 week ultra sound. It was SO neat. It was 45 minutes long. My boys stayed with my Mom and Derek was able to go with me. They check everything at this appt. Her heart, brain, femur, thighs, belly, all of her organs, etc. They do not tell you this before you come but when you are getting the sonogram done they will flash between 2D and 3D. I have never had a 3D ultrasound before. We saw her sweet face, hands, feet, legs. It was so real. Like I could just pick her up.
Anyways, all that to say, everything came back perfect! She looked just beautiful. She was so calm that one time the tech had to shake my belly to get her to move. Never happened with my boys. ha. I right around 3 months left. I still get nauseous randomly and I just started taking medicine for the awful acid reflux I was having. I feel a lot better now. I also have aches and pains. I guess it just comes with this being my 3rd. It is SO worth it...however, I have NO idea how people like Michelle Duggar have 19 kids! Whew! I am thinking one more and that is it! :)

If you look closely it looks like her right hand is throwing up the Hook Em Horns sign. Well, rest assured that I do NOT think that is the case. I am not even sure if that is her hand. Either way...she will not be a UT fan. :)


Lauren said...

yay for baby Ann Marie!

Kristy said...

That is amazing!