Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I can play the piano...I am smart!

This weekend we went to Cleveland, TN for a friend's wedding. We stayed with our good friends, Brian, Kristy, and their little girl Ella. Ella is 11 months old. Kristy is also expecting her second little girl, Ava, in February. Ella had a toy piano that Parker was very entertained by. If the piano wasn't so colorful he would have looked exactly like a miniature professional piano player(you know...hair and all) while playing with it. We had to take a picture. Parker wasn't phased by Ella. But Ella loved Parker. She kept saying, "Baby!". Cute!!!

Parker and Ella

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oh amanda said...

Lydia has that piano! She still plays with it every day!

We got to see Ella last week, too!