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Our Crew

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Parker, Oh Parker

Well...just thought I would tell you all a little of what Parker is doing these days. First of all, he is almost 6 months old!! I can't believe it!! It has been so wonderful having him in our lives for 6 months...I can't imagine life without him. He makes me smile so many times a day. He is a precious gift from God. Right now, he is rolling over(back to belly and belly to back), sitting up, grabbing toys, and chewing on everything!! A couple of months ago Parker figured out how to roll over in his bed. Well, the downside of that is he did not know how to roll back over and he did not like to sleep on his back. He cried and we would roll him back over until we discovered(well...my mom and sister informed us) that we could put a pillow in between him and the side of the baby bed and he couldn't roll over. The pillow, now, does not work anymore. The good thing is he can roll over and roll back over if he wants to. But, the not so good thing is that Parker now wakes up(whenever he prefers...2 am...6 am...), rolls over, looks around, plays and talks. He doesn't cry at all...it just bugs me because I have no idea how long he is awake for. I know...I know...most of you are thinking that I am crazy because he doesn't cry so whats the big deal. I am a first time mom trying to convince myself that it is ok if he is not asleep and playing. He will fall back asleep. So, I am slowly getting there. My mom says I am so spoiled because Parker is so good. I am spoiled! And VERY blessed. He is so good and easy. Derek and I love him so much and we honestly cannot get over how wonderful life is having him here. And hey...if all I have to deal with is a baby reaching his milestones(rolling over) and playing in bed until he falls asleep...I have got it pretty darn good. :) Just journaling for the day!

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oh amanda said...

How fun! Lydia did that same thing about rolling over and not being able to fall back asleep. Only she was swaddled so she was stuck! Poor little thing. Parker will get the hang of it!