Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yup! Parker got a FauxHawk!! :)

Hello everyone! Today, Derek and I decided to take Parker to get a fauxhawk(a mohawk but his hair is not shaved on the sides) and we LOVE IT!!! Parker's hair was always in his face and I really couldn't do anything about it. This way I can gel it up and you can see his adorable face...and he will be stylin'!! Here are some pictures. You can't see it really good. I should have put him in front of something white...but I will get more later.


oh amanda said...

He's so hip!

J. Allen said...

Hi Lindsey! Parker is SOOOO cute!! I can't believe how much hair he has! The Fauxhawk is hilarious - didn't even know there was such a thing!!!
Just wanted to say hi!