Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A day(well...hour) at the Pumpkin Patch

My really good friend Jenny and I went to the pumpkin patch today with Parker(6 months) and Nolan(almost 3 months). I guess you could say it was more for us then for them. :) We wanted cute pictures and we wanted to start a fun tradition. As we are driving out there...farrrrrr out there...we see the dark clouds behind us and the dark clouds ahead of us AND the temperature was slowing dropping as the wind picked up. BUT we were still positive and excited. We drove up(hardly anyone was there...I wonder why? ha ha!)unloaded the boys, changed diapers, got the cameras and we were off to the pumpkin patch. We were planning on picking out a pumpkin, going on a hay ride, and having tons of fun, getting cute pictures with both boys in them. Well, let's just say we accomplished none of that but we did get cute pictures seperately of the boys. We did NOT go on a hay ride, we did not even get past the entrance. We didn't even have to pay if that tells you anything! Parker tried to eat the hay three times and his nose was so red because it was so cold. He was so good though. Nolan, he didn't love it...at all(only because it was cold and getting good pictures meant laying him on cold pumpkins...ha!)! But they will both love it next year and the cute pictures we got of them. :) It was still fun to us...we loved it. It was an experience. You can't stay cooped up in your house all the time or you will never make memories(even if it is difficult!). Here are some really cute pictures!

Parker and Nolan

Where's Parker...oh wait...pumpkins don't have hair! There he is!!!

Parker checking out Nolan...wondering why he was crying.