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Our Crew

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sooo...today Derek and I are pretty sure we have decided to enroll Parker in a Kindermusik class for the Fall. It is so funny that this has come up because I was just talking with my good friend, Mary Ann, about how she might enroll her son, Beau, in Kindermusik. I told her that I would love to do that but it cost money...and not something I am interested in right now. Anyways, what triggered my thoughts on this is today Ashley, Jeremy and I were talking about how Michael Phelps got started in swimming. And how they noticed at such a young age that he had talent. My mind started reflecting on all the times we have said that we can truely notice a love for music in Parker. It is so obvious that other people have noticed it too. I just think that he has some talent there for music and we really want to encourage it now rather than let it slip through the cracks. So, I started on the journey of finding a music class for him. I needed to know how much they cost and all the details. I talked to two different Kindermusik studios and the second one I LOVED! She has owned her studio for over 11 years. She really helped me understand the importance of music in children even at an early age(which I have heard a lot from different sources). The cost is not outrageous...and included in that is two CDs to take home...two song books( I think)...and some instruments for his age. Also, after being asked 50,000 questions(ha ha) she told me that I can enroll Parker in the 18month-3 years old class even though he won't be 18 months old until Oct. Which I am glad about because I didn't really want him being the oldest in the class. Plus, the class below him is for 0-18months and that is mostly a listening class but not much hands on.
I will keep you updated on how it goes. We go on Thursday and I am super excited!!! I might be able to post some pictures of it. Our little musician. Ha ha!

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Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...

Ellie and I did Kindermusik three times! It is so much fun! I can't wait until Mary Claire is old enough so that we can go again. Parker will love it, and you will LOVE watching him dance, sing, and play music! Totally worth it!