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Our Crew

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Micah in the Belly

Here is a belly shot. Ok...I didn't say a cute belly shot. I just said a belly shot. I am...uhhh...15 weeks pregnant in this picture. I think. Yup...this is what you get when your body knows what to do since it has already experienced a baby before. A belly a bit faster. BTW, I have the most adorable sonogram picture of Micah! His cheeks look full and you can see his lips and nose. But it is downstairs. So, I will post it later.

I know this is a weird shot. But, my friend, Amanda did the same thing and I thought it was funny! Especially since soon enough you won't be able to see anything but my belly from that angle. Right now you can actually see my face. Shocking! :)


Jenn said...

Lindsey, I'm sorry for not leaving you a comment sooner about the DZT blog. There were just so many alums blogging that it made sense to put them all together. Congrats on another coming baby boy! Parker is absolutely adorable! Hope you and Derek are well!!

RhiDesign said...

Lindsey!! you are beautiful! I didn't know you are going to have another baby...and a boy! Parker and Micah will be best little buddies!!
Tell everyone I said hi!!

Jules said...

Hey girl, you look great. Congrats on the baby boy! So happy for your growing family! Much love.