Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Here is a video of Parker waving. It is so cute. I had to hold his arm up because sometimes if his hand is occupied he won't wave unless you hold his arm up. He waves ALL the time(in his carseat, while we are changing his diaper, when he is eating). He thinks he is big stuff. He has also started "coughing". He just started doing this a couple of days ago. If I cough, he will copy me. Ha ha! He is so fun! Anyways, sorry the video is dark. It is because we don't have the cord to go from our video camara to our computer. So, any video footage I put on the computer is done by my digital camara. OH, he has on his first pair of shoes in this video too. You can't really see them but I bought him two pairs of crocks yesterday. They are too big for him because I bought the shoes for during the Spring. Enjoy the video.


lovin' austin said...

just showed sam and gray the video and sam actually started waving back at parker:)

see you guys tomorrow!


Meagan Brown said...

LINDSEY!!!!!!!!! I must see Parker sometime soon...especially before y'all move. He is just too precious. Miss you and love you!