Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, February 15, 2008


Sorry for the posts lately and no photos. We have been pretty busy with the move. But sad to say this is another post with no pictures. :( I looked back at some pictures but I don't have anything new right now. But I will definitely be posting pictures after we move.
So, yesterday was Valentines day. It was a good day. Derek is so sweet. He surprised me with my favorite milkshake from Brusters last night. But we are going on a date tonight. It was Derek's last day of work here and my last choir practice. Although there was not many people at practice because of v-day it was still sad to me. I really, really enjoy being on the worship team at Highlands. I love our director, Brad Parsley, and all the wonderful people who are in choir with me. It is funny because my family was like "why are you going to choir practice if you are not singing on Sunday??". Well, choir is not just "singing on Sunday" to me. It truly is a small group for me. Highlands is so good about making something that could be "just practice" into something deeper and more meaningful. Brad does a great job on doing that but I believe he learns from Pastor Chris how to do that.
I am getting sad about leaving. I have gone through a mix of emotions. Excited, sad, frustrated, happy, thankful, sad. I know I have talked alot about this lately but it is such a BIG MOVE for us. We are moving 13 hours away from my home to somewhere that I don't know anyone except for family. What we are doing is all so new to us: planting a church, starting a new business, moving away from the true south. My question to you all is, have any of you gone through a big move like this before?? And how did you handle it? Maybe you could give me some advice.
Moving on Monday...I will post pictures next week as long as everything is set up for me.


Joy said...

Lindsey, I am sad that we may not see you before you leave! We send our love and prayers with you. I have no advice to give about moving far away. This is a fun adventure and with an eternal perspective, it won't last long! Please keep in touch and let us know when you are back to visit! We love you! Joy, Ash and Mallie

Robbie, Jenn, and Ellie said...

I have moved A LOT, and the worst past is the first part. Like you said, there is this crazy mix of emotions, where you can't decide whether to be excited to be somewhere new, or sad because you left somewhere and people that you love. One great thing for you all is that you already know a few people going with the same mission! What a blessing! Know that we are praying for you all!

David and Jessica Blackwood said...

David and I have probably just made our hardest move ever in June. You just trust in the Lord and know that you are serving Him. And times when it is tough in ministry, you remember that it is all about God and what you are doing for Him. You and Derek really love each other and that will help when you start to miss home and your parents to really be there for each other. You can email me if you want. I'm actually going through a lot of the same emotions that you are.