Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tyler turns 7!! Happy Birthday Ty Man!

Tyler turned 7 last week(Feb. 22nd). His birthday party was Saturday night. This is the first birthday of Ty's that we were all there. His birthday is at such a difficult time for us all to be togther because we were all just together for Christmas, but not anymore!! Forget inviting friends to our kids birthday parties. They have enough people coming with all their cousins! Ha ha! My parents were also in town this week, so it was nice having my dad's help moving and my mom's help decorating! They have already left...and I am still sad about it.

I LOVE LOVE this picture!! You can see Parker's teeth...Oh my...I am getting this one framed! :)

Here is Parker with his cousin's, all of Ashley's boys.

Mama Don and Parker. She loves her grandsons.

Gray Gray

Tyler and his peace sign. ha ha! He looks so much like a teenager and he is only 7!!

Me(Aunt Lindsey) and Ty. Ashley said I could totally pass for Tyler's mom. That is a compliment because Ty is a cutie!

All the boys. Whew! It takes a lot of patience and energy to get these boys to sit still for a picture.

Parker Poo loving Tyler's starwar cupcakes. Yum! Yum!

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