Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A great visit from "Babby"

One of my closest friends, Abby, visited us a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun! What I loved about her being here is that we are so comfortable with her. She is so easy and go with the flow. She also knows my whole fam. She interned under Jeremy in West Palm Beach and she grew up knowing Kimberly because they are from the same town. Anyways, Derek stayed with Parker two nights: one while we went to the Oasis and the other while we went to the mall. Then, Aunt Kimberly kept Parker for me, Derek, and Abby to go to the Hula Hut and then to get a yummy cupcake from "Hey Cupcake". It was so fun and we miss her! Parker loved her being here also. She is great with kids because she has two nephews and a niece. Nothing phases her!! Ha! That is a good thing. :) Here are some pictures from our fun times together. We love you Abs!!!

Parker and Babby(that is what Parker calls her). She also got a souvenire while she was here. A SquareCow Moovers shirt...the LAST small that we had.

Abby and I at "Hey Cupcake". Yum!!!

Derek and I at Hula Hut. It was so fun having Derek with us.

Abby loving on Micah...already.

Inside Joke...that we aren't quite sure what it is about. Something we did our freshman year of college that made us laugh sooo hard...BUT we can't remember what it means. Hm?

Silly face...Abby's idea. Ha

All three of us have been friends since our freshman year. Oh the memories! Little story...Abby took Derek to Sadie Hawkins our freshman year. I took Jake(Derek's roomate and best friend). We went as a double date. Weird huh? I am married to Derek and Jake is married also. Ha ha ha!

Just me and Abs.

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