Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweet home Alabama

This past weekend Derek and I flew to Birmingham, then headed to Atlanta, GA for a wedding. Derek was in one of our good friend's, Chris Davis, wedding. We flew into Birmingham at 9:00pm and still managed to hit up one of our favorite resturaunts. THEN we spent the next morning with my parents and had lunch at another one of our favorite places to eat in B'ham. We went to Atlanta that day(next post will be those pictures). We came back early Sunday morning and headed straight to Church of the Highlands and saw lots of our good friends there. We were also able to visit with our good friends, Jessica and Jordan Huffstetler, right before we flew back to Austin. They just had their first baby girl, Evelyn, in August and I couldn't wait to meet her. She is PRECIOUS and so beautiful! These are pictures from being in B'ham.

Sweet Smile

Derek had her smiling SO big! Jessica even busted out the video camera because she was smiling so big.

Hilarious! I love that face and her sweet little bloomers.

Jessica, Jordan, and Evelyn. Good looking family!

Derek and Evelyn

Jessica, Me, and Evelyn. In case you were wondering...I look exhausted because I was exhausted. :)

Oh! I LOVE this picture...not because of me, because my mom looks AMAZING...doesn't she?! I love her hair! It came back curly and I think she should keep it short. She looks so great, it makes me so jealous!! Ha ha!

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Meagan Brown said...

You tell your sweet mom that I think she looks amazing as well!!!!!!!!! Wow, I seriously LOVE her hair!!!!!! I like it short too!!!!!!!!!! I miss you girl. I'm loving all the new posts and pics. Parker is so precious, that I tell my friends and Mom all the time, "Go look at my friend Lindsey's page and see her baby boy!!!!!!!!!" Love you girl!