Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LOTs of Pictures!

Ok, so if you don't have some time...you might want to come back to my blog. Because I posted a TON of pictures. Sorry for the overload...I just had so much to post. We have been busy with seeing so many good friends in the last couple of weeks that I have not been able to post. So...here is what has been going on lately. Good luck getting through all of it. Ha!

This is a new outfit I got for Parker from Gymboree. I actually was able to get 4 outfits for him from Gymboree for half off. It was great deal and I am so excited! I love this outfit on him.

Last night we had dinner at Wade and Kimberly's house. We didn't bring PJs for Parker but we bathed him there. It was chilly outside so we put Parker in my sweatshirt to wear on the walk home. ha! He was frustrated when he got here because he got stuck. ha ha

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