Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Davis Wedding

Like I said before, we just got back from a wedding in Atlanta, GA. This is the first time we have left Parker over night. I know some of you think that is crazy, but we are not big travelers. So, there has never been a reason to leave him overnight until now. I just kept telling myself that he was much happier here with Aunt Ashley, Uncle Jeremy, and his cousins. And I truely think he was. Our weekend was not kid friendly at all. I have lots of pictures below...so this will be short. We stayed up WAY too late both nights...but had a blast! Got lots of friend time in and it was wonderful. I will have to say though, on the way back to B'ham I told Derek that although I had so much fun, I would not trade where I am now for anything. Not even for college days. Those days were so fun and we have great friends from those times. But we love where we are now. We love, love, love having a little boy and cannot wait to have another one. God is so wonderful and has blessed us so much!

Two of Derek's best friends and roomates in college. Jake, Derek, and Jonny.

Me and Derek at the reception.

Jonny and Chiara. Matt and Allyson. Adam and Shawn. Chris Camp. Turp and Monica.

All of Chi and the new bride.

Chi singing.

Sarah and Jake

Derek and Chris(the groom)

Jeremiah Strong. My best friend whom I have known since I was 4, little boy. So CUTE!

Lisa and Adam. Lisa is sad because Adam is not her husband. John was nowhere to be found. :(

Lindsey and Jonas...soon to be married!

Shawn and Adam.

Ashley and Cole Strong.

Erica and Shawn.

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