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Our Crew

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My "new" toys...well maybe they aren't REAL toys

So, I haven't blogged in FOREVER! Whew! We have been busy and honestly, I just charged my batteries to my camera. Parker is doing the funniest things right now. He just got over an ear infection(thank the LORD he is over it!) which was so sad and exhausting! He has been an angel the last couple of days. He talks all the time. Today he said "No touch!" which is a great sign that he is starting to say phrases. He knows animal noises(well the ones I have taught him). He has started to love to climb. The thing with that is that Parker isn't as tall as some of his fellow friends(well..Gray...his cousin). So he is just now getting to the point of being able to climb things. I am honestly glad that it is just now hitting. He is getting so much more independent. He says "amen" every time we pray or even mention Jesus. We took him to the doctor because of his ear infection and he weighed 27lbs. I think.
Well..right now Derek and I are looking for a house...we JUST started the search. Hoping(well HAVING TO) be in a house by the time I have Micah. It is fun, yet draining in a way. I have to go! My good friend Abby is coming into town to visit for a week. I am so excited!! I gotta go pick her up! Hope you love my beautiful little boy's pictures. He is just precious and so handsome, don't ya think? I get a 45 minute ultrasound at my next doctor's appointment. Just something routine that they do. So, I should have some pics of Micah. Yay! Seeee ya!

Parker in his FAVORITE spot...notice the collander turned upside down by the chair. Yup! His legs aren't quite long enough yet to climb onto the chair without something. So, he will use pots. Ha ha! Smart kiddo! Oh...he sits on the chair and clicks the mouse to the computer. :)

Playing with toy #2 that is not a toy...the vacuum.

Playing with toy #3 that is not a toy. Standing on the baby gates that are about to go downstairs in the garage. I am so proud! We have two sets of stairs in our townhouse that both have about 15 steps(I know because I count while Parker goes down or up the stairs). And now...he won't go down them if we tell him not to and he knows how to get up and down if he needs to. He is getting so big! OH YEAH...can't forget about the dog he has in his hands. Mama Rose(Derek's grandmother) bought him this dog and he LOVES it. He sleeps with it and carries it around the house saying "dog".."ruff ruff".

This was Parker's escape hiding place from me today. We had the couch pulled out from the wall a little bit because Parker was looking out that window one day. Anyways...today after I told him no a few times and he didn't listen I was coming towards him and he ran in that little crack behind the couch to escape me!! I was laughing so hard. Probably not the smartest thing while getting on to him.

Toy #4 that is not a toy. The tangled up cords that goes to lots of things that he gets out. Oh my! He drags them around with the MP3 player dragging behind him.

Waving...so sweet..

After a bath holding his love looking at the window.

Toy #5 that is not a toy. The camera case.

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Abigail said...

Oh my, I miss him so much already! And you, of course... haha! Make sure he regularly says "Babby"!