Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Micah

So, yesterday I went for my 24 week sonogram. Technically, I was 24 weeks and 5 days. :) It is a very detailed sonogram where they look at EVERYTHING. His chambers of his heart, his brain, his bladder, etc. I even saw his tongue moving!! I don't remember this with Parker. He looked so sweet! His cheeks looked plump and he looked like he had full lips(Parker had full lips). They said he was perfect! I was a little concerned that he might be big because of some symptoms I have been having. Some things I am experiencing now I didn't experience until later in my pregnancy with Parker. Anyways, he is not big. He is in the 55 percentile which is exactly where he should be with weight. He weighed a little over 1 lb. So, thats about it. Parker is cutting a lot of teeth right now. He is gums look horrible and he is soooo sad lately. I feel so bad for him...but I am ready for him to get through this. Poor little guy! Here are some pics of Micah.

You will have to click on this to see it good. The top left picture is a picture of his foot...and I think his bottom. Ha! The one to the right of that one is him looking right at you. You can see his eyes. And his arm is over his head.
The two on the bottom are profile pics. Isn't he so handsome already?!

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