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Our Crew

Thursday, November 20, 2008

His very own...big boy bed!

Parker is officially sleeping(naps and nightime) in his big boy bed!! Derek and I are so proud of him! I can't say it was easy...but I think that compared to what some parent's deal with...it was easy. If you know me, you know that I contemplate things for a long time. I think and think and think about a plan WAY before putting it into action. I have been thinking about how we should go about this for a while now. Some of you might think that Parker is too young(19 months old) to transition to a big boy bed right now. And I have taken that into consideration...but I have also taken into consideration that another crib will cost LOTS of money and we are not up for that if we don't have to be. So, Saturday night we decided to try it out. We put a baby gate on his door and put him in his bed. And after a little while of getting down and roaming the room he climbed into his bed and went to sleep. If Parker was 24 months+ we would get onto him for getting down and playing. BUT he is not...and we think he is too young to get onto him for something he can't quite understand yet.
Naps were a little harder but yesterday he slept for an hour and a half during naptime!! Yay! It is getting better and better. He is falling back into his normal schedule and is way happier during the day now that he is getting more sleep at night. I feel so much better knowing that with the move and all Parker has already transitioned. It is one less thing I have to worry about. It is definitely better than training him while I am nine months preggo!!! Yay for Parker...yay for God's help...yay for consistency(as hard as it may be...it ALWAYS works!).

Here is his bed and new bedding. I also have striped sheets in the same colors. He now has bed rails up so he won't fall off...AND we lowered the mattress. He looks so tiny in this big bed!!!


Lauren said...

too cute! i want you to sneak in while he is sleeping and get a pic of him in his big boy bed!! yay parker!

KelleyGreen said...

Yeah for Parker! I'm glad he doesn't roll off! Connor is still such a crazy sleepier we need rails on his big boy bed :)