Our Crew

Our Crew

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Saturday night before Derek, Parker, and I headed to GA for Thanksgiving on Monday my parents came into town bearing these wonderful gifts. Alabama t-shirts for all the boys. How fitting considering Alabama beat the mess out of Auburn the next weekend. Ha ha! Anyways, Ashley got confused and put her boys in their t-shirts on Friday instead of Sat. So, not all of them are wearing the t-shirts from my parents. And I think that Lawson's doesn't fit yet. But, they are sporting the shirts or the colors.
I might have gotten a little too excited about the shirt, since on Monday I decided to put it on Parker to fly to GA in. Well...my goodness...you would have thought I put him in a devil shirt or something!!! Everyone commented on it. I don't think they would have said one word if he had a GA shirt on. :) BTW, to show support for his dad's team...he does have a Georgia football shirt that he wears often.

Here is Mama Don and Papa with all their boys. BTW, I am due in Feb. with Micah...so there will be 8 in the mix next year. BUT, HOPEFULLY, there will be 8 boys and 1 little girl, because Kimberly is pregnant!!! She is due this summer. Either way 8 boys and 1 girl...or 9 boys...it will be perfect!!!

(L-R) Gray, Parker, Jax, Sam, Blake, Lawson, and Tyler
How cute are these boys? Tyler looks so much like a teenager...it makes me sad. But, he is so handsome, isn't he??

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Beth said...

What?!! Wade and Kimberly are having another one?! We are so happy for y'alls families during this wonderful season! Y'all have been so blessed this year! Please tell them we said congrats!