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Our Crew

Monday, November 10, 2008

Peanut Butter Banana MUSTARD Sandwich...MMMM...GOOD!

Well...today I have a story. No pictures. Today for lunch I gave Parker a PB Banana Sandwich AND cheetos. Parker LOVES cheetos and they are treat around here. I don't buy them often. Well, I sat down with my sandwich and cheetos to eat lunch next to him. He kept eyeing my plate(which happens often around here). I finally figured out that he wanted some of the mustard that I had on the side of my plate. I was dipping my cheetos in it. Some of y'all might think that is gross, but I love it. So, Daring me, squirted a little bit of mustard on his plate. A little dab here and there turned into dipping his SANDWICH in the mustard. I kept telling him "yucky", and he would say "yucky" and then eat it. Ha ha! He didn't care! Mustard was everywhere but he loved every bit of it.
Parker talks like crazy! He also has decided to pitch fits all the time when he doesn't get his way. Yay...that is NO fun at all! Derek and I have decided that he gets in trouble if he pitches these fits because he can't go on thinking it is ok. Some people think it is better to ignore...I ignore AFTER he gets a spanking for it. It isn't easy! But he gets the picture. He surprises me with phrases that he says. For instance, yesterday I yelled back to our friend Paige "call us" and Parker said "call us". He plays with everything that is not a toy and is now tall enough to climb on anything. Ugh!! I am SO ready to move because then things won't seem all in one place. Plus, we really need a backyard to open up the back door and let him go play! He loves outside and is doing really well with minding me outside. Don't get me wrong...I keep my eye on him outside. He has cut four teeth recently and I am just waiting on the eye teeth up top and bottom to cut through. You can see them...they just haven't made there way in yet.
Ok this is LONG! No more updating. Derek and I just got new cell phones. Both of them have internet access which actually keeps both of us from being on the internet as often. One reason why I haven't updated in a while. The other could be because I wait and wait and wait until I have fifty pictures and then update! Ha! We are going to GA in two weeks for Thanksgiving. I am sure I will have some pictures after that. Peace! (Parker says peace...when we tell someone bye)

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KelleyGreen said...

I love that he says peace. TOO CUTE!