Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun Visit from our family in GA---LONG POST!

Hey! So, all the pictures are in the post below. But, I HAD to write about this amazing week we just had. Derek's wonderful family just left about an hour ago on their long trek back home to Georgia. And I am sad... I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we had. We did everything we could possibly do in about 5 days in Austin. We ate at all the best places, we rode the train at Zilker, we rented a pontoon boat and speed boat and tube at Lake Travis. I cooked dinner for everyone twice. There was ice cream every night, whether it was at my house, Mighty Fine Burgers, or Shakes. We even had a special trip to Hey Cupcake. Yum! The kids played played and played some more. And we cannot forget about going to the pool and just having fun.
Here is who all came. Papa and Mrs. Elaine. Keith(Papa K), Lynn(Mama Lynn), and Lindsey(Aunt Lindsey). Darrell, Bonnie and their 4 kiddos(Laura Kate, Allie, Gracie, and John Marc). Keith, Lynn, and Lindsey stayed with us while the rest of the clan stayed in the RV and cabin that they rented(or whatever) right next to the RV. I am serious when I say I hardly saw Parker. He went to bed later than he has ever gone to bed and probably could have stayed up even later. He was spoiled and you could definitely tell. Micah was along for the ride and did great. He only got off schedule one day that made him fussy. Other than that, he was great and hardly made a peep.
Can I just saw how much I appreciate and love my in laws? When they come they pay for everything(them or Papa). We have tried to offer them money, but they will not accept. Keith mowed the lawn, swept out the garage, and dropped Derek's car off to get many things fixed. Lynn cleaned my house, washed dishes, and washed clothes practically the whole time she was here. On top of the fact that they played with the boys the whole time. AND they brought all of us treats from Georgia. They were great and I am so blessed, my boys are so blessed, and Derek knows he is blessed...it is his parents!! :)
Oh, I haven't talked about Derek much because of course last week was slow for the business but this week they were SLAMMED! They had 6 or 7 moves a day. Derek got a day off to play golf with his dad and darrell and was able to meet us for dinner some. Thanks to Square Cow for even letting him be off that much. Ha! He actually is leaving for a move to Utah today(22 hour drive). He will be gone for 5 days. :( But, guess what? Square Cow bought another truck!!! YAY!!!!

Thats all folks. Sorry so long!! But, I am sure someone will enjoy reading this. Or at least I will when I look back at it months from now. :)

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