Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, July 20, 2009

I can SWIM!

Parker has started swimming on his own. He now jumps off into the pool by himself and kicks his feet until he gets to one of us...and then we turn him around and he swims back. Or he jumps close enough in where he turns back to the ladder all by himself. He has no floaties...nothing...just his really fast little legs. We are still teaching him things, but I am so proud of him!!

This is what he does in the bath tub. He treats it like a pool and goes completely under. I tried to get a picture of it. It is so funny! He ALWAYS does it! Every time he has a bath.

This rarely happens but for some reason on this night Parker was not wanting to go to bed. When I walked into the room this is what I saw. Ha! It cracked me up!

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