Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Two weeks ago the boys and I headed out to Birmingham, AL for a week trip. It was WONDERFUL! My great friends, Jessica and Evelyn, Meredith and her boys, Mary Ann and Beau, and my cousin, Stephanie all made time for me the whole week. It was so sweet of them and it made my trip great! My mom rode with us down there and my dad rode with us back to Austin. Those drives were not so fun for the boys or me. BUT it was well worth it. These are some pictures of my boys hangin out at their Mama Don and Papa's house. My parents are selling their house so I had to get the picture of them on the stairs and playing there because I am not sure when I will have that opportunity again. :( I probably gained 20 pounds because I ate at all my favorite places. Some of them twice!!! Anyways, I am happy to be home, but so glad we paid a visit to the ole ham!! :)

Ok, so if you think I am a bad mom because of this, oh well. My mom gave Micah his first tootsie roll pop while we were there and he loved it! He was sticky ALL over!! I took him straight to the bath. He obviously did NOT eat all of it, but he probably thought he could have if I would have let him. :)

Micah hangin with Papa on the floor.

Parker hanging out at Jessica's house with Evelyn. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of all my friends and their kids. UGH! I meant to, I just didn't think about it or have time for it.

Seriously?! My child looks ridiculous and could care less. He was having fun. Oh my Word!!

The stair picture. I was by myself so it is not great, but still I had to get it.

Parker was upset with me.

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