Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, July 31, 2009

We had a BLAST!

Aunt Bonnie and Micah. So sweet and GREAT picture!

Gracie and Micah.

This picture is a definition of everyone to me from this week. From left to right. Laura Kate(9yo) being so sweet talking and holding John Marc(5 1/2 mo). Audrey Grace(aka Gracie, 3yo) being so sweet holding Micah(6mo) AND chatting with Parker(2yo). She looks like she is crying, but I am pretty sure she wasn't. She has so much spunk. This little girl is awesome! Then Parker talking to Gracie...he loved all of them, but he talked about Gracie the most. Then Allie(7yo) watching and cheering Parker on as he said, who knows what. Probably "No". :)

Wish Parker was smiling in this picture, but I still LOVE this picture. I am going to frame it in my house.

Mama Lynn and Papa K with their grand babies.

Aunt Lindsey with Micah

Aunt Lindsey with Parker. He loves his Aunt Lindsey! But wouldn't smile for us...he just wanted to blow bubbles.

Micah all smiles

Parker blew sooooo many bubbles with Mama Lynn and Papa K. Wow! They ended up buying more at Randalls. These bubbles were the best bubbles I have ever seen. They were so thick and lasted forever. Ok, so when I mean forever. One blew into my house from outside and like an hour later it was still on my table! It hadn't even popped. Ha!

Parker talking with Papa while we searched for Derek's wallet.

Mrs. Elaine talking with Parker. Papa and Mrs. Elaine just recently got married!! Congrats to them!!

Uncle Darrell and Aunt Bonnie with John Marc on the train ride at Zilker Park. I love that Parker calls Darrell and Bonnie "Uncle" and "Aunt". It is just too cute!

Me and Micah. I didn't even know Micah was smiling. Precious!

Me and Laura Kate. How cute are her sun glasses?!

Mama Lynn and Papa K with Parker on the train ride.

Allie and Blake sat next to each other. Well, sorta...they had that "love, but do not sit next to me" kinda relationship going.

Micah and his finger...every time he eats he sticks this finger in his mouth. Never fails! EVERY TIME!

John Marc and his thumb. He was so stinkin' good ALL the time!

Kiddos enjoying some yummy ice cream outside on the back porch. Yum!

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