Our Crew

Our Crew

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey! So Parker has been saying the funniest things lately. I am amazed how much he is learning and soaking in daily. He is such a good boy and has such a sweet spirit about him. He is well mannered and is good about following directions(most of the time). Anyways...here are some of his funny sayings lately.

P: "When I'm adult I am going to be a chef and cook recipes!!"

P: "When I'm adult I am going to be a rockstar!" Me: "I thought you were going to be a chef?" P: "I can be a chef and a rockstar!!!"

P: "Mom! I want to go to the denisk(denist)!"

P(in church this morning telling my good friend who is the teacher for preschool): "I don't have any animals." Teacher: "I have 2 dogs. Does anyone have any dogs/cats?" P: "I don't have any animals, can someone PLEASE buy me an animal?!"

We were painting Parker's bed, so he slept on his mattress which was on the floor for several days. This is his reaction when he saw just the mattresses on the floor.
P: Ran outside to where we(my Mom actually ha ha) were painting. "MOM! You have GOT to come see this!" Me: "What?" P: "MOM! Come in my room! My bed is SO TINY!! It is SO TINY!!!"

This boy is cracking us up daily along with his little brother. Both of them are at really fun ages. In Power of Praying Parent one chapter talks about praying that God would reveal to Derek and I, as the parents, what gifts and talents He has given our children. And then pray that we would do whatever we need to do to encourage those and help our children develop those even more. I really believe this is a time where you can see snip its of what your children's gifts and talents are. I pray we can help our kids in these areas to the best of our ability. We KNOW our kids are smart and gifted and talented. And that God is giving them so much favor! I am so thankful for God in our lives and theirs!

One more little story. Derek has started reading the prayer out of Power of a Praying Parent at night to the boys before bed. I don't put the boys to do bed so last night was the first time I have seen this happen. Derek sat down on the edge of P's bed and said "ok boys, it is time to pray." He had the book in his hand. Then one by one both boys got off the bed and got their own book. They sat by their Dad on the bed and pretended to be reading their book too. It was SO cute! Hopefully I can catch this on video and snap a picture of it. It is priceless! And the best part is that it is about God and praying...not just some random story.

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