Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free Chapel She-Treat 2010

In October we had our first ever She-Treat at Free Chapel. AKA Women's Retreat. It was wonderful! We went to San Antonio and stayed at The Hyatt on the river walk. Our good friend, who works with the Hyatt, spoiled us like crazy with a HUGE suite that had a living area plus 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It also had a beautiful view. We arrive on Friday evening and left on Saturday. My Mom came in on Saturday and spoke to all of us. I know she is my Mom but she is a GREAT speaker! Seriously...if you ever need a spiritual woman speaker for anything my Mom would blow you away. We were laughing and crying as she spoke. We left challenged and inspired. I would say the first She-Treat was a SUCCESS! :) I only have 3 pictures(one that is blurry) from this. So here are two.

Here is most of the group at The Hyatt. (We were missing 3 girls)

My good friend, Kat, is probably going to hurt me for putting this picture up. But, this is my oh SO pregnant friend, Kat. Can't you tell?? She swears she is going to gain 75lbs. during this(her first) pregnancy. Ha ha! She is tiny! I will say that she has gained 15lbs. in her first half of the pregnancy. She is proud of herself for that. I wish I could be so tiny that when I am pregnant I was PROUD to gain weight. Darn you skinny people! Love you Kat!

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