Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halloween Neighborhood Party 2010

For reasons I would rather not go into at this moment we do not celebrate Halloween. But, this year my sister and brother in law(who live 5 houses from us) decided to be Missional. They decided to have a block party up our street and hand out hot dogs, chips, drinks, & candy to anyone who came by. And we helped. This was e-mailed out to our whole neighborhood. We had a blast and met new people. The kids still dressed up but played the whole night together. I would love to do something like this every year. It is like reversing the whole purpose of Halloween and I love it! :)

Micah, the chicken.

Parker and his 2 best buds...his cousin Gray, and our neighbor Grace. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Parker and Gray are so cute...but how cute and smiley is Grace?? Ahhh I could eat her up!

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