Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was so relaxing this year. We were home all morning. I got my cooking done the night before so I had time to do a lot of things I had been wanting to do done. My husband is in charge of frying the turkey so him and the boys played on the back porch while monitoring the turkey. We then headed to my brother's house and had a REALLY yummy Thanksgiving lunch, played a few games, then came home for naps. That night I took Parker to see the movie Tangled w/my sister, brother in law, and their boys. He laughed and laughed. Cute movie. I hope all of you had wonderful a Thanksgiving!!

Parker and Micah in front of our tree. Love this picture.

Outside frying the turkey. The temperature was 72 degrees that morning. In about an hour the wind blew and it dropped to 50 degrees! It was crazy and FREEZING! Been cold since then. Brrr.

Parker just being sweet

Micah in my room. Sorry, he has food on his face. Seriously thought I would never let my child walk around(even my house) w/food on his face. Ummm...the more kids I have and the more pregnant I am the less motivated I am to wipe his face constantly. But I really can't stand it being on there.

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Kristy said...

The older the boys get, the more they look alike:o)